Annual Dinner 2013, London

Engineers in Business Fellowship

The Sainsbury Management Fellows' Society (SMF) champions the benefits of a combined business and engineering education to help improve the performance of the UK economy.

SMF enables professional engineers to add business, finance and marketing expertise to the diverse skills they gained through their engineering training and qualifications. SMF does this by awarding £300,000 worth of MBA scholarships each year to young engineers with exceptional education qualifications and leadership potential.

On graduation, the awardees become Sainsbury Management Fellows and gain access to an impressive network of professional contacts and activities including networking events, courses, mentoring and career guidance.

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Our Mission

  • To promote continuing business education for all engineers to develop their skills of innovation, and better management and governance.
  • To create and operate a charitable fund for the support of such continuing education.
  • To develop a network of engineers who are, or who have been, engaged in such education in order to identify and illustrate its merits for the public benefit.


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  • Thursday 08 May 2014
    • SMF Annual Dinner
      Host: David Falzani, President of Sainsbury Management Fellows | Guest Speaker: Lord Sainsbury of Turville | Venue: One Whitehall Place London SW1 | Time: 7.00pm | This is an invitation only event.


David Falzani, President

The Interrogative Entrepreneur?

Thursday 06 March 2014
David Falzani, President of Sainsbury Management Fellows and Visiting Professor at Nottingham Business School I recently gifted someone a copy of The Interrogative Mood by Padgett Powell. This book, purportedly a ... more

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What single action do you think chief executives should take to increase the number of women on boards?