• Engineering New Horizons – A New SMF Book to Inspire Young People to Choose Engineering Careers


    To mark SMFs’ 25th anniversary, the careers of 25 of the 310 beneficiaries (known as Fellows) of a Sainsbury Management Fellows MBA scholarship are featured in Engineering New Horizons. The case study book charts the careers of the 25 Fellows, chalking up many firsts; technological innovations in the fields of medicine, e-commerce, environmental, manufacturing, transport, communications, leisure and cosmetics; resulting in job and wealth creation for the UK and global economy.

    Free of charge, Engineering New Horizons is packed with stories and imagery that brings to life the scope and diversity of careers pursued by the Fellows, all of whom have at the core of their success the combination of engineering and business skills. The book is being supplied to careers services, universities, libraries and engineering institutions.

    SMF President, David Falzani said, “Whilst Engineering New Horizons is a testimony to the achievements of the scholarship scheme, its primary goal is to show young people that engineering is a gateway to exciting and often unexpected career paths. We want to demonstrate that studying engineering leads to a fulfilling career and enables young people to put their stamp on the world. Engineering New Horizons is our contribution to the work being done by other bodies to stimulate interest in engineering careers in order to meet the demand for more engineers.

    “Today many SMFs hold senior positions in large firms; some have created employment and value by building innovative companies, whilst others have made significant contributions to global issues related to education, sustainability and human welfare.”
    Recent research shows the following achievements of the Fellows:

    • 150 founded businesses valued in excess of £4.5billion, employing over 18,000 people
    • 220 helped further develop some of the UK’s largest corporations, enhancing economic wealth
    • 40% are members of executive boards across the major corporate and SME sectors
    • Over 50% have influenced public life and over 45% have influenced education
    • 260 support and mentor young engineers as well as other charitable activities

    SMF is committed to promoting a combined engineering and business education. To learn more about SMF and to obtain a copy of Engineering New Horizons, email cathy.breeze@smf.org.uk


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