• Libertine Selected for Clean & Cool Mission to San Francisco

    sam-cockerillSam Cockerill, Founder-CEO of Libertine FPE is a Sainsbury Management Fellow

    Libertine is one of sixteen promising cleantech SMEs selected for the Clean & Cool Mission to San Francisco to connect with prospective investors, partners and customers.

    The week-long Clean and Cool Mission kicks off on 17 January 2015. It’s organised by Innovate UK, The Long Run Venture, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and CoSpA (the Co-Sponsorship Agency).

    Past missions have proven extremely beneficial for the companies involved, with over half a billion pounds of investment flowing into the firms since they returned to the UK.

    Innovate UK’s director of technology and innovation Kevin Baughan said:
    “With San Francisco at the heart of the cleantech ecosystem in the US, the Clean and Cool Mission is a fantastic opportunity for UK businesses to showcase their innovative technologies and identify growth opportunities in this thriving industry.
    The level of investment achieved by previous Mission attendees is incredible and we’re really excited about the 16 companies selected for this year’s trip. Each chosen company has shown us new and exciting cleantech solutions with huge potential and addressing a multitude of environmental challenges faced by society today.”

    Companies selected for the mission are addressing some of the most pressing climate challenges worldwide.

    About Libertine
    While over a billion people currently don’t have access to reliable grid power, those who do waste more energy than they use. To address these issues, Libertine has developed a suite of new “Linear Power System” technologies.

    These new technologies will enable the development of a range of low cost, high efficiency appliances for small scale power generation, heating, cooling and transport. Libertine’s technologies combine linear electrical machines with linear gas expander systems. The technology will make “decentralised” power generation the norm, bringing clean, reliable and affordable power to wherever it is needed, and transforming the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

    By licensing this technology to appliance developers with global reach and disruptive potential, Libertine aims to do for decentralised power what ARM has done for computing.
    The Clean and Cool Mission will provide the perfect platform for Libertine to showcase its technology to prospective partners and investors to help scale the business to its full potential.

    Twitter @innovate_uk, @CleanandCool and #cleansf.


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