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Sainsbury Management Fellows work in diverse industries and have a wealth of experience and expertise and are happy to comment on the following topics:

Information technologiesLeadership/board effectiveness/corporate governance/skills diversityBusiness planning, development, and growthEntrepreneurship/raising investment fundsRisk managementChange managementEnergy/clean technologyBusiness educationThe engineer brandMentoring young engineers

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Below are links to Sainsbury Management Fellows media commentary and articles.

  • Bristol Post


    Shelly restores Dymag to its past glory.
    To read more on Dymag click here
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  • Spear’s

    Why the British government, not Silicon Valley, should foster UK tech talent.

  • Professional Engineer

    SMF President David, Falzani comments on improving the engineer brand – Let’s Engineer a Better Brand:  A new breed of young engineering communicators is aiding top-down efforts to change inaccurate perceptions of the profession in the media

  • Financial Times

    Decline in MBA applicants requires action.

  • Talk Business

    SMF President, David Falanzi shares his tips on raising venture capital.

  • E-Learning Queen

    Interview with David Falzani on the importance of mentoring for the future of innovation as it relates to leadership, management, engineering, and new technologies.

  • Ice Recruit

    Sainsbury Management Fellowship calls for Ban on Hard Hats in Advertising

  • Talk Business

    SMF Henning von Sprecklesen shares five steps to grow your business.



  • The Engineer

    Hats off to Engineers -last week’s poll: a question of hats – see The Engineer’s previous article on which this poll is based.

  • The Engineer

    SMF Launches its latest Hard Hat Index: Hats off to Engineers!


  • Wednesday, 20 November 2019

    Why Do Companies Prefer MBA Graduates?

    In a business landscape that is becoming ever more complex and difficult to navigate, a company’s ability to hire assets is important. Although candidates with business degrees are becoming more and

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  • Friday, 8 November 2019

    Do we Love or Loathe Targeted Marketing?

    Our latest survey followed up a recent blog entitled, ‘Behavioural Science: Who Decides What We Buy’ which looked at the complex marketing choices facing businesses looking at the best ways to mar

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