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  • The Vital Ingredient in Creating a New Brand of Crisps – An Engineer?

    When the opportunity came along to develop a local crisp I jumped at the chance. The client, Quex Foods, manages 2,000 acres in Kent. After years of supplying the multiples they wanted higher value add products and suspected that crisps could do the trick. How would you have proceeded? Would you...

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  • Re-Engineering the Boardroom

    In the late 1980s David Sainsbury (now Lord Sainsbury of Turville) became concerned that in comparison with the UK, overseas businesses had more senior executives with professional engineering and science...

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  • MBA Scholarships Open Business Doors to Engineers

    Sainsbury Management Fellows (SMF) has set a further eight talented professional engineers on the road to senior management following their MBA graduation. This brings the number of SMFs to 283, with a further eight...

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  • Manufacturing Company Performs Strongly in Higher Value Sector

    Manufacturing and engineering company Ilika plc has recently been floated on AIM, the London Stock Exchange's international market for smaller growing companies. The listing comes just days after Lord Sainsbury's address at the annual SMF (Sainsbury Management Fellows' Society) dinner, whereby he...

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  • Re-engineering the Board

    HR directors must re-engineer the board of directors to both mitigate and capitalise upon an increasingly ‘crash’ prone global marketplace Many of the news events of the last two years and the damage...

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  • Can Engineer Add Value In the Boardroom?

    David Falzani, President, Sainsbury Management Fellows A company's board of directors is like the bridge of a ship. It's the forum where overall direction is set, major gauges are monitored, and risks...

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  • The UK is in the Top Tier of Manufacturing Nation – Innovation, not Interest Rate Cuts will Keep us There

    Not a month goes by without the CBI or a similar organisation putting out a call for a cut in interest rates. Apart from grabbing headlines what long term effect does it have on the health of UK industry? Not as much as investment in innovation I suspect. Over the last five years UK...

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  • UK Businesses Need to Embrace Innovation to Succeed in Economic Downturn

    Sainsbury Management Fellows' Society (SMF) is pleased to announce that Ernie Poku has been named as its new president. Ernie succeeds Dan Mutadich, who stepped down after two years leading the organisation. With a downturn in the UK economy, Ernie has laid out his vision for SMF over the next...

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  • Response to NESTA report calling for ‘Total Innovation’

    We welcome NESTA's call for 'Total Innovation', the report recognises that true globally leading innovation requires much broader thinking, encompassing human skills, economic dynamics, political and international factors and most importantly, how technology impacts all of these. We can no longer...

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  • Wednesday, 20 November 2019

    Why Do Companies Prefer MBA Graduates?

    In a business landscape that is becoming ever more complex and difficult to navigate, a company’s ability to hire assets is important. Although candidates with business degrees are becoming more and

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  • Friday, 8 November 2019

    Do we Love or Loathe Targeted Marketing?

    Our latest survey followed up a recent blog entitled, ‘Behavioural Science: Who Decides What We Buy’ which looked at the complex marketing choices facing businesses looking at the best ways to mar

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