Our purpose is to develop engineers as leaders in industry

Each year, Sainsbury Management Fellows offers 10 scholarships to study for an MBA to talented engineers.

Over 375 engineers have received Sainsbury Management Fellows Scholarships. The Sainsbury Management Fellows Alumni (SMFs) engage in networking and educational activities to promote business and education. This includes mentoring to engineers and engineering undergraduates. Mentees learn from the experience, knowledge and contacts of the SMFs and gain valuable support with career and entrepreneurship ambitions. SMFs support university competitions as mentors and judges.


In 1987, David Sainsbury, now Lord Sainsbury of Turville saw that there were few engineers in leadership positions in UK business, which was a competitive disadvantage for UK plcs. Lord Sainsbury established the prestigious Sainsbury Management Fellows MBA Scholarship Scheme, to increase the quantity and quality of engineers in senior executive positions in UK companies.

Lord Sainsbury of Turville

The Sainsbury Management Fellows MBA Scheme:

Provides scholarships to promising, UK-based engineers to gain MBAs at the world's top business schools
Operates an alumni network of scholarship recipients that enables them to maximise the value of their MBA to the benefit of the UK economy
Promotes the benefits of combining a business and engineering education

More information about the Sainsbury Management Fellows activities can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts

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