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  • Mental Health in the Workplace: Changing Attitudes

    A hard-nosed businessman struts into the heart of the city for work. He works long hours away from his family, his job is everything! Working lunches, high targets, oppressive corporate bosses and...

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  • The Unlauded Benefits of Soft Skills

    Too often, graduates from higher education and business schools are not taught to acquire soft skills before going into the workplace. Their focus is typically on training and education,...

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  • The Pitfalls of Peer-to-Peer Lending

    According to Bloomberg, the Financial Times and a handful of other newspapers, peer-to-peer lending could be headed for a collapse. What began as a new, innovative way of lending capital may have become a ticking time bomb. The Chief Executive of Bibby Financial Services, David Postings, Read More

  • Is it Possible to Repair Reputational Damage?

    According to Aon's 2017 Global Risk Assessment Survey, reputational damage features in the top five risks for almost every...

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  • MBA Scholarship Awardees Share their Experiences

    £300,000 of SMF Scholarship Awards Help 10 Talented Engineers Attend Top Business Schools Wharton, INSEAD, Kellogg, Stanford and LBS are welcoming 10 awardees of the Sainsbury Management Fellows MBA scholarship. The awardees each received £30,000 towards their study...

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  • Risky business: why you need risk analysis for your business

    Even if you have been running a successful and secure business for years, problems might still arise unexpectedly that put the operation in jeopardy.  Companies are at risk of all types of potential threats, from force majeure to cybercrime to whistleblowing on an internal problem. Knowing...

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  • NGOs and healthcare sector least prepared for cyber attacks

    photo: Solarseven Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the healthcare sector are the ‘least prepared’ and most at risk of cyber attacks according to a new poll by the Sainsbury Management Fellows (SMF) business research panel - 25% percent of respondents named NGOs while just over...

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  • AI: A threat or opportunity for UK businesses?

    SMF President, David Falzani,  explores the challenge AI poses to business and wider society.

    The hypothetical outcomes of AI for business have ranged from utopian to hysterical among commentators, with many focusing in particular on the implications of AI and automation for...

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  • What sectors can we expect AI to transform?

    Perhaps one of the biggest transformations unleashed by the AI revolution is that of customer insights. James McCormick, writing for Forrester, predicts that AI will be “rapidly assimilated into analytics practices” by the end of the year, offering businesses “unprecedented access” to...

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  • What next for the sharing economy? – SMF President, David Falzani

    While conventional markets and brands were under financial siege by the recession, the concurrent development of a global, data-driven, mobile infrastructure provided an answer to the strife: the sharing economy. Billed as a radical new, ‘alternative’ socio-economic system based on the...

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  • Tuesday, 3 August 2021

    Should I choose a new career path or return to my employer after my MBA?

    The answer to this question very much depends on your MBA starting point.  If you are studying an Executive MBA and it is part of your firm’s career plan for you, then naturally you will be aiming

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  • Tuesday, 13 July 2021

    How to Fund My MBA?

    The decision to embark on an MBA is one of the most important of your career. The experience will sharpen your business skills and will open the door to new and exciting career opportunities in the fu

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