• Innovative Startup Brings Space Age Technology to Jewellery Designer/Makers

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    A London Business School Incubator project has launched a website that demonstrates how 3D printing will democratise the means of luxury manufacture in the near future.

    Banneya.com offers CAD-proficient jewellery designers on-demand access to the latest additive manufacture (AM) technology to realise their designs in precious metals. Each piece of precious jewellery is hand-finished to the highest standard. In the near future, Banneya’s consumer-facing luxury jewellery emporium will offer hand-picked designer pieces which are customised and produced to-order in a selection of precious metals and gemstones by Banneya on behalf of its designers.

    Apart from a premium production service and curated marketplace, Banneya offers hugely beneficial business partnerships to jewellery designers and makers at all levels. Banneya and its designers will mutually benefit from the income generated from the platform as well as from the publicity, successes and resultant growth of their respective businesses. Together with a community of designers, Banneya will build targeted networks to share B2B introductions as well as offers, knowledge, resources and ideas.

    Banneya takes pride in being an entirely UK-based company that keeps all of its processes within the UK. Focussing on precious metals and fine jewellery, Banneya is registered with the British Jewellers’ Association and hallmarks all pieces produced.
    Founder, Nimesh Thakrar, holds an MEng in mechanical engineering from Imperial College London and an MBA from London Business School. Nimesh has always appreciated high quality design and manufacture, having previously worked in the automotive industry and in Formula 1. He also recognises the challenges and opportunities in e-commerce having worked in the Fashion team at Amazon UK. “The design freedoms that both wax printing and direct-metal-laser-sintering offer have already inspired and empowered new and existing jewellery designers around the world. Banneya aims to treat designers as partners and offer a new route to market for digital designers interested in luxury retail.”

    Banneya is a member of London Business School Incubator programme and a recipient of Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founders Award for the year 2013/2014.

    CAD-proficient jewellery designers can use Banneya’s site immediately. On offer is expert design and technical support, the chance to have a piece of jewellery produced in sterling silver for free, several publicity opportunities alongside Banneya’s official launch in the summer, and an entry into Banneya’s first jewellery design award. Beta designers will also be first in line for selection for the future curated marketplace. All applicants will receive a generous reward in the form of a Banneya voucher.


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