Interview 10: Abhi Morey

Abhi Morey (EUR ING CEng MEng BEng (Hons), Swansea University), INSEAD

Abhi enjoyed a successful career as an engineering consultant in the aerospace industry before starting his MBA at INSEAD. On his most recent engagement as Project Manager & Lead Engineer on the Airbus ‘Wing of the Future’ programme, Abhi led a team of engineers developing next-generation aerospace technologies, supporting the growth of UK’s competitive global position in aerospace design and manufacturing.

As a Chartered engineer, Abhi is also passionate about STEM outreach. He volunteered as Head of Atkins Engineering Awareness for two years, during which he recruited 60 volunteers and organised more than 100 STEM activities with nearly 50 schools in the Southwest of England.

What do you hope to achieve through your MBA experience?

I hope to achieve three things through the INSEAD MBA – gain business fundamentals, develop a global professional network, and further hone my leadership skills.

How will you use your MBA to further your career?

I intend to use my MBA to transition from a focused and specialised position to a generalist and more impactful role tackling real-world business challenges. My engineering background has given me a foundation in problem solving, which the MBA will complement by providing the context and vocabulary to solve problems on a broader level. The business knowledge and management tools will enable me to analyse issues with a much wider view to influence changes at an organisation and industry level.

What are your hopes of being part of the SMF network after business school?

I am truly honoured to be part of the SMF network, which recognises my business leadership ambitions and grants me access to a world-class network of business leaders. I am looking forward to receiving advice and guidance from the SMF network on crucial career decisions that I will have to make in the coming years.

How do you hope to support SMF after you graduate from business school?

Whilst I see myself as a future business leader, I still am and will always be an engineer at heart. Even after the MBA, I intend to help assure the future quality of the profession by continuing to promote STEM careers to inspire the next generation of engineers and mentor young engineers aspiring to gain Chartership. Naturally, my commitment to the SMF will be lifelong – as an active member of the SMF community, I shall always give back as a donor and mentor to support the development of engineers as global leaders in industry and further enhance the perception of engineering in the UK economy and society.

When did you start thinking about doing an MBA?

I actually started thinking about doing an MBA during the final year of my undergraduate aerospace engineering degree in 2012. By graduation, I had planned a timeline for all the key milestones – engineering Masters, Chartership, FEANI registration, and the GMAT – leading to the MBA. Having a long-term plan helped me focus my career choices, especially in actively seeking and developing my leadership experience. Surprisingly, I hit all the milestones as planned and started my MBA at INSEAD in 2018.

How was your experience of applying for the scholarship application process?

The most challenging part of the application process was trying to put forward my case for support in just 500 words. As in MBA application essays, it was crucial to make every word count! I also found it very helpful talking to previous SMF awardees who guided me in effectively responding to the scholarship criteria by highlighting the most relevant achievements from my professional and personal experiences.

What difference has the scholarship made to you?

Winning the SMF scholarship has granted me the financial freedom to consider a much wider range of post-MBA career options. However, the real value of the scholarship extends well beyond the life-changing monetary support. Being part of a world-class network of business leaders will be a lifelong learning opportunity and an invaluable asset for career development.


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