Interview 10: Josef Bromovsky

Josef Bromovsky  (BEng Hons, University of Nottingham), Harvard Business School
2020 Scholarship Winners

Prior to commencing his MBA at Harvard Business School, Josef’s experience was across the Engineering and Construction sector.  In 2013 he joined Balfour Beatty, where he worked as part of the central Strategy team, responsible for a number of strategic and operational performance improvement initiatives.  In 2017 he joined AECOM where he worked as part of the Digital Transformation programme, which was responsible for the development and implementation of several machine learning and AI based tools for the construction industry. These tools focused on improving productivity, safety and quality across the design and construction lifecycle.

Why did you decide to do an MBA?
My ultimate goal is to launch a start-up in the construction and engineering space. I decided to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School to give me a fully rounded business education to pair with the technical skills and sector knowledge I had acquired from working in the sector for five years.

What stage in your career were you at when you decided to do the MBA?
I’ve always had the thought of doing an MBA in the back of my head, but it was about a year ago that I decided to pursue it fully and start the process which would lead up to me being able to submit an application.

How will you use what you learned on your MBA course to further your career?
I hope to leverage a number of specific skills around launching, funding and growing a technology driven start-up.  I hope to use the time there to help develop and test my idea, and garner as much feedback as possible.  An MBA can provide you with the strategic and management skills that move you away form a purely technical role into one with more seniority and responsibility.

What was the most important or surprising thing you learned from your business school experience?
I haven’t started my business programme yet, but what I’ve learnt form the application process is it pays to do your research and start early!  Especially when it comes to funding and scholarships.  There are a number of options out there which are country, industry or background specific.  Many universities will also offer financial support.  You have nothing to lose by applying to ones that you are eligible for, but the research and application process takes time so start early.

What are your expectations of being part of the SMF network after business school?
I hope that through the SMF network I can build a diverse network of industry experts and like-minded professionals.  By participating in the many events and talks, I hope to stay up to date about the major challenges facing the UK engineering industry.  I also plan, through the infrastructure of the SMF network, to encourage young students to study engineering and to demonstrate the possibilities and value in this choice.

How do you hope to support SMF after you graduate from business school?
In the future I would hope to mentor young engineers, both in helping them make career decisions and to show them what is out there and possible.  I would also like to be involved in the promotion of the scheme, I think it provides an unparalleled opportunity to young engineers, allowing them to pursue goals that might otherwise be impossible.

How did you go about finding about financial support for your MBA?
The two most effective ways of finding financial support is through research on the internet and talking to people who have been through the process. Most schools will provide lists of potential external funding opportunities and scholarships.  The easiest way is to go through these and visit the websites to see what they are looking for.  Talking to people who have been through the process also provides a massive help, frequently they can point you to places that would be relevant to your particular situation.

How did you find out about the SMF scholarship?
It was through a colleague who recommended it to me. I then followed up his suggestion by researching it online and asking a number of questions.  Further on through the process Harvard Business School also suggested the scholarship to me.

What difference has the scholarship made to you?
The scholarship has made a huge difference to myself, not only does it provide a financial boost which will give me the flexibility to pursue my goals of launching a new business on completion of an MBA but it will also provide an unparalleled network of industry professionals and experts which can help guide my career in years to come.


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