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Interview 3: Taha Rahman Dar

Taha Rahman Dar (MEng Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College), London Business School

Taha DarBiog: Prior to his MBA, Taha was working as an aerodynamics engineer for a Formula 1 team. His responsibilities broadly fell under the remit of understanding and optimising the on-track aerodynamic performance of the race car. Amongst other tasks, the role involved performing correlation studies spanning the track and simulation environments and performing track tests for promising new aerodynamic components.

What inspired you to study for an MBA?
I have long aspired to start my own business within the realm of engineering and technology, but my past attempts at doing so had highlighted weaknesses in my skillset, particularly in the areas of strategy, marketing, and finance. I knew that an MBA would help me to address these areas. Furthermore, I knew that an MBA would provide a low-risk environment in which I could put theory into practice, meet potential partners and customers, and leverage a wealth of on-campus resources to help me achieve my goal. With this in mind, I decided to pursue an MBA.

How did you hear about the SMF scholarship?
After I had been admitted to the London Business School, I was fortunate to have been informed by the Admissions Committee about the SMF scholarship and was encouraged to apply.

Why did you apply for a scholarship?
Although I’m fortunate to be in a position where I’m supported by my wife during my two-year programme, it was clear to me that the SMF scholarship would significantly mitigate the costs and risks associated with the change in career direction that my MBA plans entail.

What does gaining the scholarship mean to you?
The SMF scholarship will enable me to pursue my post-MBA career plans. Having this safety net underneath the uncertainty associated with starting my own business, as I wish to do, is something that I’m very thankful for. In essence, the SMF scholarship will allow me to make the most of my MBA programme and take the risks necessary to pursue my dream.

How has the course been so far?
I’m a few weeks into the course and thus far it has been a fascinating experience. I’ve met very impressive peers from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, and the perspectives they bring to the classroom are incredibly diverse. The classes provide a very different learning experience compared to the highly analytical kind that I grew accustomed to while studying engineering, and I’ve found it quite exciting to be so far outside my comfort zone!


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