Supporting and Encouraging Young Engineers

Are you a Talented Engineer Seeking a Mentor?

Sainsbury Management Fellows, engineers who have received their MBAs through the SMF Scheme are available to mentor undergraduate and young engineers.

The SMF mentor will be knowledgeable in their field and will pass on wisdom gained through their own business experiences. The mentee will be able to talk about their vision for their future, aspirations, where they are now and where they want to go.

The format of the mentoring is decided between the mentor and mentee – with today’s communications technology, increasingly mentoring is being conducted very successfully through, for example, video calls.

If you are a young engineer seeking a mentor for specific career progression or entrepreneurship, please Contact the SMF Office with your CV and a brief explanation of why you would like an SMF mentor.

SMF George Fowkes (right) mentored team C2V for the 2021 Champions Final and the team went on to win the “Big Ideas” category.

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