Sainsbury Management Fellows

30 Years Inspiring Engineers to Become Leaders in Business

On 10 May 2017, the SMFs and guests gathered at the Annual Dinner to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Sainsbury Management Fellows.

In 1987 Lord Sainsbury identified a need for UK businesses to have more engineers in leadership positions to help them grow.   He established the SMF Scholarship Scheme which has now produced 365 engineers with business skills (the SMFs).  These SMFs have used their combined technical and commercial skills to create successful businesses and jobs or they work in senior decision-making roles in major corporations and non-profit organisations, including healthcare and education.

The SMFs have contributed to society in a diversity of ways including:

  • 150 SMFs are in leadership posts in major organisations
  • Over 40% of SMFs hold executive posts and 33% hold NED posts helping businesses to develop
  • SMFs have founded 275 new companies which are thriving
  • 153 SMFs have founded or co-founded businesses valued at £4.6 billion, creating 18,000 jobs
  • 265 SMFs support and mentor young engineers, helping them with career or entrepreneurial aspirations
  • 122 SMFs are actively involved with charitable organisations
  • Several SMFs teach business and innovation as visiting professors at universities
  • SMF is working to promote business skills and entrepreneurship through its Engineers in Business competition.

We look forward to the next 30 years supporting young engineers to reach their full potential, helping businesses and the UK economy to grow.  To read the speeches delivered at the Annual Dinner by Lord Sainsbury and SMF President, David Falzani, visit our events page.

What SMF means to me…..

Our thanks to Lord Sainsbury, SMFs and the Royal Academy of Engineering for sending a personal video message to share their views on the SMF Scholarship and what it means to them.

SMF Entrepreneurship on Display at the 30th Anniversary Annual Dinner

Alessio Falcone, MBA Candidate at IESE

Here we showcase 13 of our SMFs’ entrepreneurial businesses –  see the banners – see and download the SMF Banners.



30 Years Inspiring Engineers to Become Leaders in Business


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