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Mentor30Engineers (competition now closed)

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The Mentor30Engineers competition marked 30 years of the Sainsbury Management Fellowship.

Mentor30Engineers invited student and graduate engineers to conceive an idea that tackles a problem in society.  Our society is a complex machine in the way that information is collected, decisions are made, how decisions and actions are communicated – sometimes this works and sometimes it breaks down resulting in major impacts on people’s lives.

Mentor30Engineers invited student and graduate engineers to stretch their minds and come up with a solution to some of the biggest challenges facing society today.  In this no-holds-barred competition, we were looking for imaginative and inspiring big ideas.

Entrants selected one of the pre-determined Essay Topics, formulated their idea and described the idea in an essay.

The winners received 30 hours of career or entrepreneurship mentoring from a Sainsbury Management Fellow, benefiting from their wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts.


Essay Topics

1. How do we solve problems facing the NHS? If you choose this as your subject please develop an idea for only ONE of the following areas (a or b, or c or d – do not endeavour to tackle more than one topic in your entry)
a) Tackling/reducing hospital waiting times
b) Improving bed blocking/lack of hospital beds
c) Reducing inequality of services/care across the UK
d) Dealing with staff shortages in the NHS

2. How should we, as a society, meet the care needs of an ageing population?

3. How do we protect the environment for the future – entrants can choose any element they wish to explore, for example, one of the following areas
a) air pollution and reducing the speed of climate change
b) the rising population creating an ever-growing need
c) greening cities
d) deforestation
e) soil degradation
f) food wastage and supply chain optimisation

4. Financial management/wellbeing
How should government/regulators meet their obligation to educate the public on financial management so that members of the public budget for their needs over their lifetime?

5. How can government/regulators ensure that major corporations pay their fair share of taxes?

Essay Submission
The entry must cover the following:

  • The problem being tackled
  • The idea/solution/how it might work
  • How it might benefit society
  • Show how an engineering skill has been applied to your thinking

How Entries were Judged
Entries are not being judged on writing style, but on the innovative solutions to long-standing problems.  Essays will be judged on a points system based on the following criteria:

  • Originality of idea
  • Feasibility of the idea
  • Evidence of using an engineering skill in the idea/solution

Judging Panel



The Sainsbury Management Fellow Mentors 

Below is the list of the Sainsbury Management Fellows who took part in the Mentors30Engineers competition.

Mentor30Engineers (competition now closed)


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