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Developing Engineers as Leaders for UK Industry

Engineers in Business Fellowship is the registered charity and fund raising entity for the Sainsbury Management Fellows scholarship scheme.

Engineers in Business Fellowship is aiming to raise an initial £5 million to build an endowment fund which will enable SMF scholarships to be self-funded and allow the scheme to continue long into the future.

The SMF scholarship scheme was founded in 1987 by Lord Sainsbury of Turville, one of the UK’s leading philanthropists, to develop UK engineers as leaders in industry. Lord Sainsbury’s ambitious, long-term vision was to propel bright young engineers into leadership positions and to bring more technically skilled leadership to companies.

That aim remains just as relevant today. The UK engineering sector is vital to building the UK economy, and a large shortfall of engineers is projected, with demand outstripping supply across all skill levels.

Schemes such as the SMF scholarship are crucial in helping to fill this gap. By funding MBAs for the brightest young talent, we are helping to develop engineers with the right skills, those who know how to make things, as well as how to run a business. We are equipping Fellows to take on high profile positions in industry, to start their own business ventures, to create jobs and to become valuable contributors to the UK economy.

Success of the SMF Scholarship Scheme
Nearly three decades on from its inception, the SMF scholarship has produced inspiring results:

The Fellows are meeting the needs in the UK for practical entrepreneurs, for new businesses and new jobs.

The Fundraising Campaign
The return on Lord Sainsbury’s £11 million investment to date underlines the value of the scholarships. Lord Sainsbury is actively supporting the fundraising campaign to make the SMF scholarship self-sustaining and is demonstrating his unwavering commitment via a ‘pound for pound’ match on all cash donations from the Sainsbury Management Fellows for a period of five years.  The charity has already raised over £2.5 million and is working hard to achieve the initial £5 million target.

Why Support the SMF Scholarship Scheme?
The rationale behind the establishment of the SMF scholarship scheme remains – the need for high-quality leadership within UK companies large and small.

The cost of business education and availability of financing for engineers taking an MBA has risen sharply since the SMF scholarship scheme was established, making them even more important for young engineers.

By equipping engineers to take on high profile positions and start innovative companies, the SMF is creating new jobs and new businesses, and in particular the smaller businesses so critical to growing the economy.

The programme is providing essential skills at a boardroom level, and helping to reposition the image of engineering by encouraging young talent to follow this path.

Our fundraising campaign continues apace and, to this end, we are looking to work with organisations that are passionate about the development of engineers for the benefit of the UK economy and society. If you would like to learn more about the Sainsbury Management Fellows scholarship scheme and how you can become a donor and/or supporter, please contact Cathy Breeze on 01590 673404 or email her at

How to Donate
There are several ways to support the Sainsbury Management Fellows scholarship. We would welcome your donation whether it is large or small:

Donations from income
Donations are deductible against income and capital gains tax.

One-off Donation
Please contact Cathy Breeze on 01590 673404 or email

Regular Monthly Donation

For those living in the United Kingdom, Eurozone, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand, please make a donation selection from the options below:



a month



a month



a month



a month

For those living in the USA:
Please donate via CAF America

For those living in Canada:
Please donate via CAF Canada

Legacy giving
This type of donation would come from an estate free from inheritance tax. An amendment to a Will would be required in order to contribute this way.

Donating assets (eg shares or land)
This attracts income and capital gains tax relief. For entrepreneurs, the gifting of shares, or even the beneficial interest while retaining legal title and voting rights in shareholdings, can mean that the proceeds on a sale are passed to the SMF scheme with no income or capital gains taxes due by the donor or the EIBF charity.

Gifting at a corporate level from a company or partnership
This is tax-deductible for corporation tax purposes.

To find out more, please contact Cathy Breeze on 01590 673404 or email

Lord Sainsbury Hosts ‘Thank You’ Dinner for SMF Donors

Lord Sainsbury with guests at the EIBF Donors’ Dinner:  Standing (L-R) Will Averdieck, David Falzani, James Raby, Lord Sainsbury, Ean Lewin, Nigel Wallbridge, Adam Bazire. Seated(L-R) Mike Gansser-Potts, Simon Bonini, Imoni Akpofure, David Weston, William Burton, Henning von Spreckelsen.

Over £2.5 million has been raised by the Sainsbury Management Fellows and supporters.  To mark this achievement, Lord Sainsbury hosted a ‘thank you dinner’ for the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum donors. Lord Sainsbury said: “I am delighted that the fundraising programme has passed the £2.5 million mark. This is excellent progress and it means that Sainsbury Management Fellows believe in the scheme and share my ambitions for it.”

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The Sainsbury Management Fellows is registered as a charity: Engineers in Business Fellowship, charity number 1147203 and is a company limited by guarantee : 07807250