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Can We Help You Prepare for the Top Job?

Patrick Macdonald
SMF Patrick Macdonald, Partner, School for CEOs

There has never been a greater need to prepare businessmen and women to become CEOs. The biggest recession in 80 years, intense media scrutiny and investor nervousness all combine to make the top job tougher than ever.

When I was CEO of John Menzies – a £1.5bn quoted plc with a substantial family shareholding – it struck me that, as in any position, CEOs get better as they learn. I certainly did. But the old dictum “leaders are born and not made” still holds sway in many quarters. We still expect CEOs to take on the toughest job in business without any specific preparation.

This seems a little strange!

So I’ve teamed up with David Sole, the well known international rugby captain and business coach, to launch the School for CEOs. David has coached main Board directors and senior executives from a wide variety of functions including finance, human resources, sales and marketing, IT, property, legal and company secretariat.

Experienced businessmen and women will teach the next generation of business leaders using a carefully structured curriculum. A highly accomplished Advisory Board will work with us, including Sir David Reid (Chairman of Intertek plc and ex-Chairman of Tesco plc), Jonathan Warburton (Chairman of Warburtons) and Alex Wilson (ex-Group HR Director at BT plc).

  • The two-day Vital Few residential programme will cover the complexities of
    managing up – forming a relationship with the Chairman and Board
    managing down – leading the team
    managing out – handling investors and the media and
    managing in – staying centred and grounded

Future leaders will explore what really happens in the boardroom, rather than academic theories and frameworks. There will be follow on coaching to help embed the learnings, insight and wisdom gained on the programme. And delegates will join a fantastic network which will grow as the School grows.

The Vital Few is a standalone programme. It also forms the first module of the comprehensive Alchemy of Leadership programme which lasts eight days spread over several months.

The first programme takes place in London on 19/20 September. It’s aimed at anyone three years or less from becoming a CEO, as well as those already in the job. For future programme dates, visit www.schoolforceos.com