WINNER | Konstantinos Moustidis


Prior to starting his MBA at IMD Business School, Konstantinos’ experience was in the nuclear infrastructure sector, as a design manager based on the Hinkley Point C construction site. Leading a multinational team of draftspersons and engineers he supported the construction team to deliver the reactor building of the nuclear island. Earlier in his career, he advised major UK companies on key projects as a civil design engineer for the Thames Water asset management plan, the Heathrow expansion project and Sizewell C nuclear power plant.

When did you start thinking about doing an MBA?

Ever since I had my first entrepreneurial experience in 2016, I had in mind that an MBA can help me achieve my ambitions, but I seriously started exploring programmes in late 2021.

What did you learn by going through the SMF scholarship application process?

The application process is actually an opportunity to reflect deeply on your motives and career options post-MBA. After completing the process and attending my interview I received valuable feedback from my interview panel that made me more aware of the different paths I could explore post-MBA to achieve my long-term goals.

What do you hope to achieve through your MBA experience?

My goal is to develop my leadership skills, acquire knowledge on key business subjects and expand my professional network. Our world is facing a significant set of challenges due to climate change, increasing population and finite resources. Decisive actions are required, and I am hoping the MBA will be a transformative experience that will lead me towards a high-impact role in the infrastructure investment field.

How will you use your MBA to further your career and where do you see yourself five years from now?

The one-year MBA program at IMD will be a tremendous opportunity to meet and network with high-achieving individuals, and also to develop my business acumen by working closely with start-ups and industry-leading companies. In five years’ time, I can see myself taking strategic-level decisions in an organisation that focuses on carbon neutrality and energy infrastructure investments.

What are your expectations of being part of the SMF network?

I have received a lot of support throughout my student years and early in my career, so I feel the responsibility to follow suit and support the next generation. I am expecting to contribute to the various initiatives of EIBF and help advance its mission. In addition, many Sainsbury Management Fellows are active in the Energy and Sustainable development space so there will be great opportunities to network with and learn from other fellows.

How do you hope to support SMF after you graduate from business school?

Having participated in student business competitions in the past, I know how important these activities can be for personal and professional development. I am hoping I will have a chance to support EIBF in organising business competitions for students.

What advice would you give to someone seeking financial support to do an MBA?

Start your research early and make sure you reach out to the business schools as well. They know what available options might be there for you.

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