WINNER | Peter Kummer


Peter works in the nuclear energy sector. As a civil engineer he set out to learn the end-to-end civil engineering supply chain at Hinkley Point C. Over the years he worked as a designer, detailer, main civil works contractor, and client. He applied his Building Information Modelling experience to progress his career, which so far took him to 3 separate employers, working across the UK, Europe, and India. More recently Peter assumed the Head of Discipline position, having developed from scratch a civil engineering department of 20 team members. He would like to complement his first strides in business development with an MBA from INSEAD.

When did you start thinking about doing an MBA?

I first began thinking about MBA in 2018 when I started working as Methods Engineer for the Main Civil Works Contractor at Hinkley Point C. On the project, I was responsible for producing erection and installation sequence of nuclear structures with the aid of Digital Twin models. I would utilise the models to visualise any buildability problems and solve for them before they could materialise on site. Solving real life engineering problems in a digital environment offered schedule and cost savings on an unprecedented scale. I quickly realised Building Information Modelling technology would become the driving force in bringing efficiencies in heavy industries like manufacturing and construction. Businesses would need to change the way they think about project operations and delivery. An MBA seemed like the perfect route to enable me to lead this change.

What do you hope to achieve through your MBA experience?

I hope the formal business education I will receive through my MBA will become the vehicle that will allow me to apply my engineering know-how in a business environment. I intend to promote Building Information Modelling solutions and bring about a digital revolution to industries which historically have been slow to adapt.

How will you use your MBA to further your career?

MBA education will bridge my knowledge gap and help me understand how engineering firms are run as a business. I would like to pivot my career toward the strategic operational level, where I could influence how businesses approach market challenges. I want to be at the forefront of setting new standards exploring how digital solutions could improve performance of companies.

What are your hopes for being part of the SMF network after business school?

I know the extraordinary culture of sharing and betterment at SMF will play a key role in my post-MBA development. Through SMF I hope to build a multi-layered network of role models, mentors and partners. Tapping into the expertise of the SMF community will expedite my post-MBA plans and give me access to blue-prints I can use to model my next career steps.

How do you hope to support SMF after you graduate from business school?

I would like to use my current engineering role to influence my current employer in establishing summer-internships and/or industrial placements for young engineers that have been identified by SMF programmes.

How did you learn about the SMF Scholarship?

I learned about the SMF scholarship from my friend at work. I shared with him my idea on how I want to apply my engineering know-how in a business operations setting. At the time he was pursuing a second Masters in Nuclear Engineering and was looking for course funding options. He came across the SMF programme while looking through the Royal Academy of Engineering grants and prizes site. It sounded like the SMF mission statement was written for people like me. I decided to apply.

What did you learn by going through the SMF scholarship application process?

The application process made me realise how many like-minded engineers, who want to try their strengths in business, are out there! The SMF community immediately made me feel at home. From day one I received wonderful help from the amazing Royal Academy’s Scholarship Manager. I got to network with accomplished programme awardees who would also offer me their time and help. I knew straight away I had come across something special. I would whole-heartedly recommend anyone who comes across this programme to apply.

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